I use photography and filmmaking to capture naturally surreal moments of human interaction. I believe that by focusing on the individual in moments of tumult we can better understand larger and more complex topics. I found my passion for visual storytelling when I snuck out of high school to document the 2015 Baltimore protests. My footage ended up in AlJazeera America’s  Emmy-nominated documentary, Baltimore Rising. I have also contributed to PBS Newshour, ABC, the Fader, the New Republic, and WV Public Broadcasting. My cinematography is featured at the National Gallery of Art and the Walter and McBean Galleries. My recent commercial work includes K.W.P.G, a music video for Peter CottonTale and Jamila Woods; and Retold, a project for 2x Grammy-nominated artist Nate Smith.  

2019 Pinnacle Awards,

College Media Association (CMA)

Third Place - Best Breaking News Photo

2019 Illinois College Press Association (ICPA)

First Place - Photo Essay

First Place - Feature Photo

First Place - General News Photo

2019 Individual/National Convention Awards (ACP)

Fourth Place - Photo Slideshow

(With Mike Rundle)

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